New Suzuki Vitara S

Introducing the new Vitara S, the sporty new addition to the Vitara range. This beautifully rugged SUV has a 1.4 Boosterjet direct injection turbo engine, which gives the S maximum power without compromising fuel efficiency. Combine this with ALLGRIP 4-wheel drive and a lightweight body and you get a more powerful, more agile drive. Why settle for anything less.

  • 1.4 Boosterjet engine
  • ALLGRIP 4-wheel drive system
  • Sporty styling

Vitara S Features

Some of the standard & optional features
  • Sporty Styling - The Vitara S is a sporty 4x4 with the looks to match. With its unique front grille, rear spoiler and dramatic black alloys, the Vitara S will turn heads while you take on the road.
  • 1.4 Boosterjet direct injection turbo engine - Prepare to be amazed by the all-new 1.4 Boosterjet injection engine, designed to give the Vitara S maximum performance without compromising fuel efficiency. The Direct injection turbo system provides great acceleration whilst optimising economy. Combine this with ALLGRIP 4-wheel-drive and you get a more powerful, more agile drive. Why settle for anything less.
  • ALLGRIP 4-Wheel Drive system - As part of the Vitara S range you also get great 4-wheel Drive capability with ALLGRIP. This intelligent system lets you adapt to different road conditions at the touch of a button.
  • ADAPTIVE CRUISE CONTROL - Adaptive Cruise Control helps to make motorway driving safe and relaxing. The system uses a radar hidden behind the front grille whilst driving with cruise control – it can automatically brake or accelerate the Vitara S to maintain a safe distance from a vehicle in front. 
  • ADVANCED NAVIGATION SYSTEM - A 7-inch touchscreen display includes satellite navigation with easy to follow 3D mapping and a guidance feature that helps to avoid traffic jams.
  • ENGINE AUTO START/STOP - The Vitara S has Engine Auto Start/Stop which stops the engine under certain conditions when the vehicle is stationary. It helps to prevent using unnecessary fuel and helps to lower CO2 emissions.

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Vitara S Colours
Vitara S Colours
Vitara S Colours

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