All New Suzuki SX4 S-Cross

Introducing the new SX4 S-Cross, the new Suzuki crossover. With new powerful and efficient Boosterjet engines, ALLGRIP 4-wheel Drive technology, advanced safety features and more space than ever it’s the perfect synergy of comfort and SUV capability. Wherever your imagination takes you, make the journey count with the new SX4 S-Cross.

The new SX4 S-Cross is a thrilling drive with a bold and powerful style that guarantees you’ll have all eyes on you.

See the great looks and features of the new SX4 S-Cross, our dynamic, efficient and comfortable crossover.

The new SX4 S-Cross masters both the city streets and toughest terrain in sleek, modern style with these amazing features.

S Cross Features

Some of the standard & optional features
  • New Boosterjet engines - The SX4 S-Cross is powered by new Boosterjet engines, delivering high power output and great performance without compromising efficiency. Beneath the bonnet of the SX4 S-Cross there is a choice of two powerful direct-injection turbo petrol engines, which have been designed to maximise efficiency. 
  • A Gripping Ride - The new SX4 S-Cross rises to every challenge thanks to the ALLGRIP 4-wheel Drive system, which lets you adapt to varying conditions at the turn of a dial.
  • Room to manoeuvre - Experience the road from the comfort of the spacious new SX4 S-Cross. With huge luggage space and room to move inside the car, everything about the SX4 S-Cross comes together to create the perfect drive.
  • Generous luggage space - Even with 5 people on board, the new SX4 S-Cross has plenty of luggage space. So whether it’s a sports event, a family reunion, or a full-blown outdoor adventure, there’s room for every kind of journey.
  • Flexible space - By folding down the 60:40-split rear seatback, you can expand the space in the car in multiple ways. A multi-position luggage board gives even greater flexibility. And with more legroom than ever before, the SX4 S-Cross is guaranteed to be a relaxing ride for the driver and all passengers.
  • Safety as a priority - Drive the SX4 S-Cross with total confidence and peace of mind that you’re always protected. The preventive systems in the SX4 S-Cross anticipate potential hazards and protect you within split seconds, minimising the risk of accident or injury.

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Colour Palette

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SX4 S-Cross Colours
SX4 S-Cross Colours
SX4 S-Cross Colours
SX4 S-Cross Colours
SX4 S-Cross Colours
SX4 S-Cross Colours

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